Discover Life in Singer Island, FL

Before you start searching homes for sale, explore Singer Island, FL to find the perfect spot in your ideal community.

Why live on Singer Island

Paradise isn’t that far away. If white sand beaches, beautiful weather, and a laid-back lifestyle is what you’re looking for, look no further than Singer Island. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, this barrier island is a premier location in Palm Beach, Florida and boasts some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, waterfront properties, and luxury oceanfront condos. Just seven miles long, Singer Island is perfect for year-round and seasonal residents. Close to high-end shopping, fabulous restaurants, great entertainment, and beautiful golf courses. Nature lovers can enjoy time in Ocean Reef Park and John D. MacArthur Beach State Park. Living on Singer Island is truly living in Paradise.

History of Singer Island

Florida didn’t become the desired place to live until late in the 19th century, when Henry Flagler brought is very sick wife to live in this area in 1879. Flagler built the Florida East Coast Railway and settled Palm Beach, which he transformed into a place for the rich and famous to vacation. 

The Singer Island story is a bit different. It was just a sleepy site for fishing until Paris Eugene Singer (son of Isaac Singer of Singer Sewing Machine fame) along with a famous local architect had a vision of what this barrier island could be. The original goal was to build two hotels, a golf course, and a clubhouse. These dreams were abandoned after the 1928 hurricane and the 1929 stock market crash, followed by the Great Depression.

In 1940, the city of Riviera bought 1,000 feet of beachfront and started to develop it specifically for tourists. Eventually, this became the city of Riviera Beach. By 1941, the building boom started. In 1947, railroad and hotel magnate, A. O. Edwards began to build, including parks, walkways and roads along with hotels and homes. In 1952, Edwards was elected as the first Mayor of Singer Island. 

Beginning in 1960, John D. MacArthur, self-made millionaire who made his fortune I insurance bought acreage in northern Palm Beach County, including the northern end of Singer Island. Again, the goal was to make a place for the rich and famous to relax. A Gatsby-like character, MacArthur was known for his eccentric behavior and parties. This all attracted more residents. Between 1950 and 1960. Singer Island’s population grew by an incredible 220%. MacArthur died in 1978 and bequeathed his northern acreage to the state of Florida to be a wildlife park. This acreage became known as John D. MacArthur Beach State Park.

Singer Island now boasts luxury homes and condo residences that go for millions of dollars; yet it still has many affordable properties in all sizes and styles. Whatever you’re looking for as a place to live all year or just to escape the winter cold up north, Singer Island is your ideal location.